A. Smith

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  • 1524-1536 South St Philadelphia, PA - City Center West
    The fence on the right side of the Royal has been tagged again.
  • 2501-2523 S 13th St Philadelphia, PA - South Philadelphia
    The pole housing the stop sign and the one way sign on the southeast corner of 13th and Porter has been spun around, so the arrow is facing the opposite direction it should. This is the corner with the elementary school.
  • 16th St And Mckean Philadelphia, PA - Newbold neighborhood
    The stop sign at the southeast corner has been knocked down and is laying on the sidewalk.
  • 2327 S Franklin St Philadelphia, PA - South Philadelphia

    The City knocked down an unsafe building, which is great, but this needs more work before it becomes (yet another) vacant lot filled with illegally dumped trash.

    1) The fence needs to be permanently affixed to the walls on either side. The current freestanding fence is easily moved and knocked over, so now people can go around it to access the backyards of all the residents of the east side of Franklin and the west side of Beulah. As our backyards were previously inaccessible to all but ourselves, this is a major crime concern.

    2) The equipment used to tear the building down completely crumbled and collapsed the sidewalk. The property frontage is now all rubble and dirt. We are concerned about both damage to the water and sewer pipes, and the danger this poses to the street's many elderly residents and children.

  • 536 S 8th St Philadelphia, PA - City Center East

    This large steel shipping container has been parked outside 536 S. 8th St. since last fall. It sticks out into the traffic lane, reducing visibility for bicyclists and pedestrians.

    Considering how difficult and expensive parking is in this neighborhood, I'm curious how a large, immobile unit the size of a small truck could remain in one spot for six months without attracting the attention of the PPA....

  • 2339 S Franklin St Philadelphia, PA - South Philadelphia
    A broken or blocked sewer pipe is causing pools of grey/black water (sewage) to collect on the sidewalk. When the occupants of the house use their water, you can actually see this vent sending a foot-tall jet of filthy water into the air. This has been fixed repeatedly over the past couple of years but is happening yet again. This is truly disgusting, please fix ASAP.
  • 2200 Block S. 7th Philadelphia, PA - South Philadelphia
    Contractor dumped two truckloads of sand on the east side of the 2200 block of S. 7th. Sand is uncovered and has been steadily washing into the storm drains on both ends of the street. This has already caused flooding and with storms this weekend, will surely cause more. Please remove sand and clear drains!
  • 2129 S 8th St Philadelphia, PA - South Philadelphia

    This auto repair place is still consistently using the sidewalk as their personal parking lot, sometimes working on cars out there rather than inside their garage.

    Was previously told by 311 to "call 911" when this happens. Surely someone can see what an idiotic solution that is. This needs parking enforcement, not emergency responders.

  • 1410 South St Philadelphia, PA - City Center West

    There has been a metal plate (over a pothole?) on South St across from Gourmet to Go for over a year. It's noisy when cars hit it, dangerous to bike tires, and slippery for everyone.

    Please fix this hole so that the plate can finally be removed.

  • 1600 W Passyunk Ave Philadelphia, PA - Girard Estates

    The appliance store has both its panel vans parked so they protrude out into the street. This intersection is already quite dangerous for pedestrians and bicyclists due to a lack of proper traffic signals, and parking the trucks here means you can't see a car coming until you are in the middle of the road.

    I understand South Philly is a tough place to park, but these guys need to park further down the block and only pull up to the corner for loading. I tried to talk to an employee of the store about this, but he laughed in my face, so I'm reporting it here instead.

    Yes, it is a No Parking zone.

  • 1000-1098 W Ritner St Philadelphia, PA 19148, USA - South Philadelphia
    All the houses on this street park on the sidewalk in front of their garages, 365 days a year. They angle in towards the house so there is NO clearance for wheelchairs/strollers. Reported this issue to PPA and was told the street was "not a targeted enforcement area". What gives? This is illegal and unfair to handicapped people!
  • 2129 S 8th St Philadelphia, PA - South Philadelphia
    Frank's Auto Service consistently uses the sidewalk for overflow shop parking. Kids walking to nearby elementary school have to walk in the street because this guy's cars block the whole sidewalk! Reported to L&I previously but no response.
  • 1535 South St - City Center West
    Owner of building vandalized and removed the rack in front of his property AGAIN. This rack was just installed 2 days ago.